What Makes Us Special

Unstoppable Automatic Re-Entries/Entry in Company Forced Main Matrix

You earn unlimited earnings for a lifetime. Whenever you cycle out from a certain Stage, the system automatically place you into the next Stage to earn over and over again (Non-stop earnings!).

Perfect Teambuild System

Everyone in your team helping you to cycle faster, while your activities also helping other members achieve success faster. This comes with lots of spillovers and spillunders.

A Perfect Work From Home Opportunity

The platform allow you to work with ease from the convenience of your home or any location of your desire as you watch your account grow with crypto earnings daily.

Low Cost & Affordable

Regardless of your current financial situation you can get started with our minimum deposit of $10.00 and start earning passively.

Deposit Funds

Purchase Packs ranging from Bronze to Rhodium

Spread the Opportunity to known ones

The World's Best Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

We use 2 Payment Gateways.. Coinpayments & Nowpayments. We accept multiple Crypto currencies ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron and many more.. Please proceed to Deposit to explore more payment options.

All Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours.

You can contact us using Social Media / Telegram link added on website

10dollares2freedom has 2 matrices:
1. Freedom feeder
2. Freedom from Line-1 to Line-8

The Freedom feeder is a 1x4 single-leg company forced matrix with only 1 level. The starting price is 100 Trx, and it also feeds our Freedom Line-1 to Line-8 matrix with 15 positions worth 150 Trx.

It's a single-leg company forced 1x4 matrix consisting of 8 levels, starting with 10 trx. It includes 488 entries in the same matrix and 90 entries in our Freedom feeder matrix. Additionally, you can earn a 100% matching bonus.


Withdrawal is on autopilot; you do not need to send a withdrawal request. All profits will be paid in TRX TRC20 automatically to your wallet.

The minimum deposit is 100 TRX.

Freedom Line-1 to Freedom Line-8 will launch 48 hours after the Freedom Feeder launch.

Yes, you can join Freedom Line-1 to Line-8 directly.